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Formerly Known as Michelle Beaudoin Behavioral Health Services. Now with Therapists Licensed in CA, TX, NY & ID

Taking the first step toward change can feel scary and overwhelming. You want to feel and do things differently, but where do you start? Talking with an experienced professional who listens with kindness, patience, and empathy can help you figure out where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Our goal is to empower you to explore your past and present so that you can heal old emotional wounds, improve how you feel and think about yourself today, and support you in becoming the best and happiest version of yourself. 

Areas of Expertise

Addiction, Eating Disorders, and Trauma

At Intuitions Recovery & Wellness Center we are passionate about helping people who want to make changes in their lives and who want to fulfill their potential but who feel like they don't know where or how to start. Through the years, our therapists have provided guidance and support to people from all walks of life with all types of issues--especially to those struggling with addictive behaviors, unresolved traumas, and family of origin issues. One of our special interests is working with individuals who are concerned with their alcohol or substance use and/or who feel like they have an unhealthy relationship with food--such as tending to binge eat or to use food to self-soothe. Another focus is working with professionals from various disciplines (behavioral health, medical, legal, executive administration) in better managing the issues they grapple with that can lead to career dissatisfaction and burnout.



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Intuitions Recovery & Wellness Center

10907 Memorial Hermann Drive, Suite 340

Pearland, TX 77584

Tel: 346.633.3642


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