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Areas of Expertise


Our co-founders have both worked as substance use disorder counselors in residential treatment facilities. Through the years, they have cultivated expertise, understanding, and flexibility in supporting individuals who struggle with addiction. As such, they have built a practice where all therapists are trained and experienced in both mental health and addiction. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for recovering from substance use, and therapy for people struggling with drugs and alcohol should be a journey of exploration as unique and individualized as the person themselves. 


Exploring and resolving issues that have negatively impacted a person's ability to think, feel, or even function, can be an essential part of therapy. Often, addiction, disordered eating, or other disruptive behaviors emerge as a result of having experienced things outside of our control. Many people who are considering therapy bring traumatic experiences with them that may need unpacking in a sensitive, validating way. Being heard and guided in processing painful issues can help to defuse the power past traumas have over us in the present.

Eating Disorders

Disordered eating can become part of a person's life as a result of a multitude of factors---genetics, environment, and trauma among them. People who struggle with a healthy relationship with food encounter different challenges in their wellness journey. Working with an experienced professional can help sort out the origins of unhealthy thinking, distressing emotions, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Figuring out what role food plays can help you make healthier choices in response to life's past and present challenges. 

Our Approach

With mental health counselors licensed in Texas, California, New York, and Idaho, we utilize a secure telehealth platform to support and guide individuals who suffer from mental health issues, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and trauma. In addition, we see clients in person at our brand new outpatient mental health clinic in Pearland, TX. Our passion is working with people who have a curiosity and drive to understand themselves and who are willing to work through their fears and trust their authentic, intuitive selves even while they experience fear around change. We see therapy as a two-fold process. On one level, there is extensive discussion, processing, and resolution of issues that drive unhelpful thinking, emotions, and behavior. At the same time, it's important for the people we serve to walk away feeling like they have practical skills or strategies to experiment with to help alleviate symptoms or help with overcoming barriers or challenges.

My Approach
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