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  • Michelle Beaudoin


1) Things are changing and I don’t know how to handle them.

2) I am constantly stressed.

3) I’m tired all the time.

4) I feel numb, like I have no feelings.

5) I feel overwhelmed.

6) I can’t seem to let go of anger.

7) I lost someone close to me and I can’t seem to get over it.

8) I’m having issues with my spouse/partner/best friend/parent/sibling/boss.

9) I’m having trouble concentrating.

10) I don’t like who I am.

11) I’m not sure who I am.

12) Something bad happened in the past that feels like it is still impacting me in the present

13) My drinking/drug use feels like it’s out of hand.

14) I have a complicated relationship with my body/food.

15) I feel out of control.

16) My moods are all over the map.

17) Everything feels like a struggle.

18) I’m not sure what “self-care” means.

19) I feel disconnected from my friends/loved ones.

20) It seems like I argue with everyone all the time.

21) I can’t seem to make a relationship stick.

22) I’m struggling with my identity.

23) I struggle with low self-esteem.

24) I have a lot of fears that I can’t seem to get past.

25) I want some help sorting things out from someone who isn’t involved in my life.

26) I’m watching TikTok videos to try and figure out what’s wrong with me.

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